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Aclylic on canvas. Numbered copy by Oxana Beresneva 150*200cm.

Or photoprint on canvas 60*80cm, 90*120cm with signature.

About serie Trees. Once in 2007 in India I had a look up at crowns of the two trees standing above me, covering whole sky. It took me far away from my existence to the vast space of whole universe... It was strong experience. Since then watching trees is meditative experience for me and way to connect with Everything and Nothing. Thats how series Trees appeared.

These are two trees I saw in India in 2007... 

Series Trees. Connected and disconnected.

  • If you like to have this painting, there are several options to choose from: 

    1. I will make numberes copy of artwork. Acrilic on canvas. 150*200cm.

    2. Photoprint of this artwork on canvas. 60*80cm

    3. Photoprint of this artwork on canvas. 90*120cm

    If you have other ideas how you want to use this painting please write me to this email, I'm open for ideas.

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